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Institutional Strengthening Project

The Samoa Bureau of Statistics is currently undergoing an Institutional Strengthening Project.

The Project goal, purpose and objectives are:

GOAL: Strengthen the capacity of the Samoa Bureau of Statistics (SBS) to provide high quality statistics to enable the private and public sectors in Samoa to formulate evidence based policies to undertake economic, social and business planning

PURPOSE: To ensure that the SBS, as the national centre of expertise in official statistics, is efficiently and effectively producing and disseminating high quality statistics and playing a strategic role in the coordination of official statistics in Samoa and the region.

The Project has four main components:

Component 1: Organisational Management – to strengthen the management capacity of the SBS and its systems in the areas of strategic planning, human resource management & development; work programming, budgeting and records management

Component 2: Statistical Services – to strengthen the capacity of the technical divisions in the SBS to provide key statistical services in the areas of macro-economic, social and socio-economic and socio-demographic statistics; and in the use of specific program and tools such as the HouseholdSurvey Capability Program (HSCP) and the National Census and in the development of effective and appropriate dissemination practice and processes.

This component focuses on four areas:

  • Sub-component 2.1: Economic Statistics – to develop a coherent set of macro-economic statistics and to extend statistical activities to provide new information required by clients and delivered in a timely manner
  • Sub-component 2.2: Social Statistics – to develop a strong analytical capacity for social, socio-economic and socio-demographic data and to further develop the HSCP
  • Sub-component 2.3: Births, Deaths & Marriages – to improve completeness and timeliness of registration of vital events; and to develop appropriate records management and archiving processes
  • Sub-component 2.4: Statistics Dissemination – to develop a strong and clear approach to the dissemination of Samoa’s statistical data to national and regional clients and stakeholders

Component 3: Statistics IT Systems and Processes – to develop a reliable, up-to-date and resilient IT system to support the operations of the SBS, including the website and GIS

Component 4: Project Management – to ensure that inputs from the PSIF and other Government of Samoa sources are effectively and efficiently managed and that the project component objectives are met.

The project is supported by AusAID & NZAID and project managed by VINSTAR.

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