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Mapping and Metadata

The Samoa Bureau of Statistics introduces two new applications - Redatam and Metadata. 

Redatam - Tables and Maps

Redatam is an acronym for REtrieval of DATa for small Areas by Microcomputer. The program uses a compressed hierarchical database, which can be created in R+G4, and which can contain microdata and/or aggregated information with millions of records for persons, houses, or any geographical division of a country. These data can come from any combination of census, survey or other sources. A database can be processed in association with external databases in common format ssuch as CSPRO. The user can define any area of interest in a database (such as Districts) or any combination of areas, create new variables, obtain various types of tabulations extremely rapidly, export outputs to other software and graphically display results. The data at different geographical levels can be combined hierarchically to create aggregated variables and the results shown on maps (thematic maps) in R+G4 or transferred to a Geographical Information System (GIS).

Instructions on Using Redatam

Link to Redatam Mapping website

Metadata - Documentation of surveys 

Metadata is about archiving, documentation, dissemination, anonymization and preservation of the microdata. Metadata often called data about the data, is background or interpretive information (documentation). It can be any information that clarifies the process of planning, implementing and executing the survey.

Link to Metadata website

Prism Pacific Data Archive

Link Prism PDA website



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