The Strategy for the Development of Samoa acknowledged this with the re-establishment of the Samoa Bureau of Statistics and in its strategic area "Develop a sound framework for statistics and other data for sound governance in the public administration sector".

The Samoa Bureau of Statistics is proud to present the Samoa Strategy for the Development of Statistics 2011 - 2021. This strategy represents the result of a large amount of work across all sectors of the Samoan economy to develop a strategy that will enable all statistical producers to better meet the needs of the users of statistics. There are two key layers to the strategy:

1. Delivering relevant, quality priority statistics for users

2. Ensuring the strategic factors and environment are in place to enable efficient production and delivery of those statistics.

With increasing technology the focus for statistical producers is more and more on the efficient dissemination of the information - making statistics easy to find, easy to use and understand. This strategy includes a significant focus on dissemination and aims to put Samoan statistics at the forefront of the Pacific region.