The Government of Samoa has contracted International consultants for the technical assistance consultancy to assist the Government in developing a Strategic three-year plan for establishing a country wide identity management system and to deploying a civil registration system (NDIDS).

The Strategic Implementation Plan was approved to support the goal: “To build reliable, secure, and sustainable digital identity system that supports unique and digital legal identity and allows an identity to be verified and authenticated. This will increase access to and enable the digitalization of public and private sector services in Samoa”.

The Consultant’s assignment further includes the technical design and procurement documentation preparation for the National Digital Identification System (NDIDS).

Procurement will be based on the following components, which will need to be:

  • closely integrated, secure, developed adjusted to Samoa realities, scalable installed and customized to conform to the requirements.
  • deployed together with all related services– training, technical operation, support, etc.
  • equipped with required hardware for ensuring access to the systems (tablets) or tools to collect data to the system (enrolment).

The procurement scope is complex and includes software development and deployment services, hardware provision and requires further technical operation and system maintenance services.

For the NDIDS to be operational, all components need to operational and exchange data in real time and secure and reliable way. The processes within the system starts with the CRVS and serves as a fundamental source of information to Population register, since during the act of birth registration the legal identity is established and with the allocation of unique identity number - the numeric attribute is established that allows at use it through the lifespan of individual and communication between different systems. Individual is registered to civil register and a copy of this record is stored in Population register.

Pic.A: Overview of fundamentality of CRVS for digital legal identity

NDIDS will consist of all integrated CRVS, Population Register (including authentication module), Enrolment & ID card system, whereas Passport system is a functional user that uses common Enrolment module serving them both. Please see the picture B below that illustrates the high-level framework of National Digital Identity System and it’s components.

Pic.B: the Loigical archicture of NDIDS