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2023 Household Income and Expenditure Survey


    The HIES is conducted every five years, 2002,2008, 2013/14, 2018 and now 2023.

    What is the HIES?

    The HIES collects information on:

    Household – only the selected households (excluding institutions such as schools, commercial
    enterprises etc.)
    Income – how much the household earned in the last 12 months
    Expenditure – how much the household spent in the last 12 months
    Survey – only a part of the population

    – Only selected household
    – 44 weeks
    – 30 Jan – 1 December 2023

    Objectives of the survey
    1. To collect information on the income distribution and consumption patterns of household
    2. To provide information for poverty analysis
    3. To provide information on food security and nutrition
    4. To provide information for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Consumer Price Index
    5. To collect sociodemographic and economic data to populate national, regional and global
    indicators like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

    Any information obtained during this survey will be kept strictly confidential as specified under the
    “Statistics Act 2015” and will not be released in any form that will identify your household.

    Information Paper – 2023 Household Income & Expenditure Survey: DOWNLOAD HERE


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