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Information Communication Technology & Data Processing Division

ICT has revolutionized the way SBS operate, enabling the Bureau to streamline the processes, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity.

We make sure that our Network Administration & Security, ICT Helpdesk, Website, Social Media and Disseminations is well maintained and operated. This has led to improved collaboration, faster decision-making, and increased data user’s satisfaction.

Data Processing also plays a critical role in data collection and analysis. We generate vast amounts of data, and our work develop a computer system to process data for census and surveys. 

Information Communication Technology & Data Processing Division
Laulu Sialafua Lova

Chief Computer Programmer
Lemalu John Lemisio

Principal Webmaster & Dissemination Officer
Euta Ezra Collins

Senior IT Officer
Frances Afuamua

IT Officer

IT Officer
Teutele Banse

Key Punch Operator
Separina Faalelea Uputaua

Key Punch Operator

Key Punch Operator
Tulipa Va'auli