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Information Communication Technology & Data Processing Division

ICT has revolutionized the way SBS operate, enabling the Bureau to streamline the processes, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity.

We make sure that our Network Administration & Security, ICT Helpdesk, Website, Social Media and Disseminations is well maintained and operated. This has led to improved collaboration, faster decision-making, and increased data user’s satisfaction.

Data Processing also plays a critical role in data collection and analysis. We generate vast amounts of data, and our work develop a computer system to process data for census and surveys. 

Information Communication Technology & Data Processing Division
Laulu Sialafua Lova

Chief Computer Programmer
Lemalu John Lemisio

Principal Webmaster & Dissemination Officer
Euta Ezra Collins

Senior IT Officer
Frances Afuamua

IT Officer

IT Officer
Teutele Banse

Key Punch Operator
Separina Faalelea Uputaua

Key Punch Operator
Atulia Lavea

Key Punch Operator
Tulipa Va'auli