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DHS – Demographic Health SurveyMICS – Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey
CBR – Crude Birth Rate
TFR – Total Fertility Rate
IMR – Infant Mortality Rate

The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) indicates the probability that the newly born child will not survive to first birthday. Hence, it is computed from the ratio of deaths of live-born children who have not yet reached their first birthday for a calendar year to the number of live births the same year. The CDR (Crude Death Rate) is the number of deaths year per 1000 population

The Average life expectancy at birth indicates the average number of additional years a person would live if current mortality were to continue

​The Crude Birth Rate (CBR) is the simplest and most frequently used measure of fertility. It is the number of births
occurring in a year over the total mid-year population and is usually expressed as per 1000 population. It
is a crude measure as it refers to the total population and not necessarily women exposed to childbearing.​ 

The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is defined as the total number of children a woman would have by the end of her reproductive
years at the rates specified by the schedule of age specific fertility rates (ASFR) for a particular year.