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Government Statistician

Government Statistician
Leota Aliielua Salani

With 30 years as a public servant, Leota Aliielua Salani brings a wealth of experience. This includes 14 years as Assistant Chief Executive Officer and 10 years at the Ministry of Finance.

Leota led numerous undertakings which includes, coordination of statistics strategies, national and regional capacity building programs, statistical surveys, and major improvements in the production, analysis and dissemination of Macro-economic statistics, especially national accounts and government finance statistics, as well as the development of a Composite Indicator that monitors and evaluates the performances of the various sectors of the economy.

Mr Salani is also recognized in the region, evident in his leadership role as the Chair of the Pacific Island National Accounts Compilers and Local Experts Committee, Vice Chair of the Pacific Statistics Methods Board, a member of the ESCAP Regional Steering Group on Economic Statistics (SGRPES), a member of the United Nations Experts Group on Economic and Environmental Accounts (UNCEEA) as well as the Pacific Island Statistics Development Group for the South – South initiative helping other PICs in the development of Statistics.