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    Samoa Bureau of Statistics Internal Communications Protocols


    • We are focused on being clear, meaningful and relevant in all communication
    • We are open to communication at all levels, and respectful of all

    Goal – To improve communication between all people in SBS so that:

    • All staff are fully informed and engaged
    • Communications go to all appropriate people
    • Mis-communication is minimised

    Communicate well

    • Use focussed, honest communication
    • All people are important: show respect
    • Be professional, not personal
    • Acknowledge others work
    • Use the language you are most comfortable in
    • Listen – two-way communication works

    Maintain good relationships

    • Use the appropriate channels – communicate through the person you report to.
    • Managers maintain good relations with their staff by ensuring they are informed first about matters that affect them
    • Always discuss an issue with your direct manager first. If they are not available and you need to go higher, brief your direct manager as soon as possible
    • All levels have an open door, but only use these when normal channels fail

    Follow email protocols
    Email is a core communication tool and must be treated as official communication.

    • Read your emails every day
    • Respond within a day
    • Copy the appropriate people
    • Follow up with a conversation either before or after
    • If angry or offended, don’t respond till later, then tackle the issue not the person.


    • On the job coaching and training in effective language for professional communication
    • Managers lead by example and provide supportive feedback to increase skills
    • Regular team meetings – weekly
    • Regular one-one staff progress discussions – at least monthly
    • Check if communication has improved e.g. with staff engagement survey

    Samoa Bureau of Statistics External Communications Protocols


    • We are focused on being clear, meaningful and relevant in all communication with our stakeholders
    • We ensure we understand our audience and tailor our communication to meet their needs.

    Goal – To improve communication with stakeholders so that:

    • Users and data suppliers have increased awareness of the roles of SBS
    • The availability and usefulness of statistics increases
    • The information is disseminated in ways that meets user data needs


    Communicate well and often

    • Use focussed, honest communication
    • Be professional
    • Contact regular users and suppliers often
    • Listen and make sure you understand the issue or request
    • Follow good email practices

    Maintain good relationships

    • Be aware of the SBS service charter and follow it
    • Build relationships through informal discussion
    • Use the appropriate channels for requests e.g. ACEO to ACEO
    • If you pass a request on to someone else to action, follow up to make sure it is done
    • Follow up emails with a phone call if needed
    • Develop a Memorandum of Understanding for each sector and major suppliers, to ensure mutual understanding


    Release Information to meet user needs

    • The website is the first place to look for information for many users.
    • Make sure every information release is on the website on the day
    • Provide Samoan translation of all short information releases and summaries of long technical reports
    • Follow the Dissemination Policy and SBS Style Guide
    • Email releases as well as paper copies.

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