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Samoa Disability Monopraph 2018

Content Introduction Methodology Prevalence of Disability Living conditions of persons with disabilities Education, Literacy and disability status Economic activity and

Climate Data 2017

Content Table 4.1.1: Rainfall at Selected Stations (mm), 2006-2017Table 4.1.2: Observations Recorded at Mulinuu (9:00 a.m), 2005-2007Table 4.1.3 : Samoa

Fuafuaga Autasi 2016-2020

(Reprinted Samoan Version) Content Upu Tomua Upu Ua Faapupuuina Faatomuaga Malosiaga Faale-Tulafono Siosiomaga Tau Le Galuega Manatu Tauave Vaaiga Taulai

Corporate Plan 2016-2020

(Reprinted English Version) Content Foreword Acronyms Introduction Mandate Operating Environment & Assumptions Assumptions Vision Mission Values & Principles Strategic Objectives

Samoa Hardship and Poverty Report 2016

Content            Executive Summary Introduction Background Overview of the 2013/14, 2008 and 2002 HIES Poverty Indicators:

Samoa Water Accounts 2014 – 2015

Content        Executive Summary Introduction Accounts Produced Data Sources and Methods3.1 Water Supply3.2 Agriculture3.3 Electricity Generation3.4 Manufacturing and other

Samoa Agricultural Survey 2015

(Housing/Dwelling Details, Household Amenities & Capital Goods) Contrent Urban (Apia Urban Area) Rural (North West Upolu) Rest of Upolu Savaii