O le Aso Faraile 28 Iulai na feiloai ai le Vaega o le Tusigaigoa, Suesuega Laiti ma le Soifuaga Lautele ma Tamaitai Sa mai le aai o Mapuifagalele mo le taua’aoina o le fesoasoani e pei ona iai le tusi talosaga sa tauaaoina e le vaega. O lenei fesoasoani o nisi o taumafa ma laei na mafai ona tuufaatasia e le Vaega mo le fesoasoani ai i le Tausiga o tina ma tama matutua i le Mapuifagalele.  O le loto foai ma le agaga tausi matua o le aufaigaluega ua fa’aalia lea i taumafa ma laei  na mafai ona latou tuufaatasia e fai mo latou sao i le galuega a Tamaitai Sa mo le aai. Na fa’aalia le agaga faafetai o Tamaitai Sa na tauaaoina le meaalofa ma tuuina mai ai fa’amanuiaga mo le aufaigaluega.

The two sisters on behalf of the Little Sisters of the Poor who run the Mapuifagalele home of the old aged population, were  the recipient of food and clothes donations courtesy of the Census, Surveys and Demography division staff, which was presented on Friday July 28th.  This is the division’s contribution in response to the Mapuifagalele letter for assistance received by the division in early July. The things the staff put together indicates the staff of the Census division are also parent care givers . The two sisters who received the donations conveyed their words of thanks and blessing to the division on behalf of the old aged home for the great contribution which will assist them in caring for the elderly home at Mapuifagalele.

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