– Thursday: 20th of April 2023
– Friday: 21st of April 2023

The main aim of the forum is to inform all our users of data available and produce by the Bureau from time to time to assist them with their policy formulation and planning activities.

The Forum’s Theme is “Data access and use leads to positive outcomes”

The target participants are all the Economic, Social and Infrastructure sector representatives and mainly the sector coordinators with one staff involved in the production of sector plan and one staff from the Policy Research and Planning division. The agenda is attached for the participants information.

  1. Census, Surveys & Demography Division (Presenter: Aniva Nati)
  2. Births, Deaths and Marriages Division (Presenter: Tupa’i Silapela)
  3. Labor Force Statistics (Presenter: Papali’i Benjamin Sila)
  4. Government Finance Statistics (Presenter: Malama Uaina Kitiona)
  5. Gross Domestic Product (Presenter: Suameli Chan Boon)
  6. Consumer Price Index (Presenter: Ta’ala Lilianetelani Henneman)
  7. Merchandise Trade Statistics (Presenter: Fiu Alaiula Abute Ioasa)
  8. Migration Statistics (Presenter: Faigalotu Taamilosaga)
  9. Environment Statistics (Presenter: Mose Topeto)
  10. National Digital Identification (Presenter: Suavira Va’ai)

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