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Census, Surveys & Demography Statistics Division

Censuses and surveys are key activities in the development of statistics, as they provide detailed information in every sphere of the society, including key cross-cutting themes, such as gender, disability, and age, that are required for national, regional and global reporting including the SDG 2030 Agenda. They also provide baseline information for the compilation of the most frequent key statistical indicators.

ACEO Census, Surveys & Demography Statistics Division
Taiaopo Faumuina

Principal GIS & Cartography Officer
Gisborne Aniva Nati

Principal Survey Officer
Lewis Sinclair

Principal Quality Management
Kaisarina Moananu

Senior Survey Operation Officer
Pepe Vaiau

Senior Survey Operation Officer
Ken Faaofo

Senior Questionnaire Design & Manual Officer

Senior Training & Media Publicity Officer
Poinsettia Epati

Cartographer Officer
Iosefa Lualua

Statistical Officer
Folavale Sooamalii

GIS Officer

Statistical Officer
Meipo Lomiga