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National Accounts & Finance Statistics Division

The National Accounts & Finance Statistics Division plays a key role in managing important data. We begins by gathering and publishing National Accounts Statistics, which provide insights into the country’s economic performance.

The division compiles and releases Government Finance Statistics, offering a comprehensive view of public finances. We also handles Employment Statistics, giving us an understanding of the job market.

Furthermore, the division ensures that National Accounts Statistics and Government Finance Statistics are readily available to policy-makers, helping them make informed decisions. Our work contributes significantly to data-driven policymaking and economic analysis.

ACEO National Accounts & Finance Statistics Division
Oloapu Tanielu Isara

Principal Statistician Research Officer
Uaina Kitiona

Principal Statistician National Accounts
Suameli Sefo Chan Boon

Senior Statistician - GFS Unit
Fitimaleula Tipi

Senior Statistical Research Officer - GDP Production
Ianeta Sa'u

Senior Statistician - GDP Expenditure
Sulufaiga Tuuga

Statistical Research Officer - GFS
Baby Tavita

Statistical Officer - National Accounts
Masina Lia Avapalu

Statistical Research Officer - GDP & Expenditure
Jedidiah Josiah Maafi