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Economic Statistics Division

Collect, compile, analyse and disseminate trade statistics
Publish and release monthly Consumer Price Index reports
Publish local market survey reports
Compile and disseminate Infrastructure statistics report
Compile and disseminate transport statistics
Conduct agriculture survey and compile report
Conduct Household, Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) and publish report

ACEO Economics Statistics Division
Taala Lilianetelani Hennemann

Principal Statistician - Prices

Principal Statistician - Trade
Alaiula Abute Ioasa

Senior Statistician - Prices
Siata Tagaloa Ulu - Faamoe

Senior Statistician- Trade
Silaulii Misiluki

Statistical Officer - Prices
Laveaina Loia

Statistical Officer - Prices
Legatasia Auvae

Statistical Officer - Trade
Masani Enele

Statistical Officer - Trade
Faamaile Etuale Liu

Statistical Clerk - Prices CPI & ICP
Eseta Sam Ling

Statistical Clerk - Prices
Tyson Toma Leota

Statistical Clerk - Trade

Statistical Clerk - Trade
Joseph Junior Iefata