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Calendar of Releases

This Calendar provides the dates expected for the release of information. SBS will make every attempt to meet these dates for publication to the website and delivery of the information, but there may be instance where the date may not be able to be met.

Products (Reports)


Reference Period


Release Date


Shipping  Quarterly July-December 2016 04/04/2017
CPI Monthly March 18/04/2017
GFS Quarterly December 2016 19/04/2017
Trade Monthly February 19/04/2017
Local Market Monthly March



IPI Quarterly March 2017 18/05/2017
Local Market Monthly April 2017 24/05/2017
Trade Monthly March 2017 24/05/2017
Arrival Monthly December 2016 24/05/2017


CPI Monthly May 2017 08/06/2017
Local Market Monthly May 2017 19/06/2017




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